4. The Riemann sphere and stereographic projection The initial (and naive) idea of the extended complex plane is that one adjoins to the complex plane Ca new point, called “1” and decrees that a sequence —zn–of complex numbers converges to 1if and only if the real sequence —jznj–tends to 1in the usual sense.
PanoTools NG: Fw: Fw: stereographic projection in MatLab Gerald Lodron 2009-Apr-29 11:14:55 no problem but as I already mentioned it is only a polartransformation and no stereographic one. I think they called it wrong at the link seb gave me (or my implementation is wrong).
The stereographic projection of a circle on the sphere is a circle in the plane. The orange circle in the diagram below shows an example of such a circle passing through the point \(Q\). The centre of the circle on the sphere projects to a point \(P\) in the plane which is inside the circle. \(P\) is called the spherical centre of the spherical ...
in these high latitudes. Figure 1 is a polar projection of the region, P representing the north pole and A and B the points of departure and destination respectively. The great circle from A to B, is represented very closely on this projection by the straight line ACB. The distance is approximately 1,480 nautical miles. 183